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Welcome to my homepage

I'm an eight year old girl who's called Ingrid Elise.
I've got two brothers named Torgeir and Řystein, and a sister calles Marta Kristin. My mum is called Britt Arnhild, and dad is called Terje.

I'm trapped. Click on  this picture to read this page in norwegian.

My interests are handball, teddy bears, music (Aqua, Spice Gils, Popsie) and dancing. I also like being out with my friends.

Links to relatives:

My mum's webpage
My brother, Torgeir's homepage
My brother, Řystein's homepage
My sister, Marta Kristin's homepage
My aunt, Rita's homepage
My uncle, Frode's homepage
My cousin, Gunhild's homepage
My cousin, Mathias' homepage

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